Mathematical theory of evolutions arising in flow structure interactions
主题:  Mathematical theory of evolutions arising in flow structure interactions主讲人:  Irena Lasiecka地点:  腾讯会议83302663939时间:  2020-09-19 21:00:00组织单位:   理学院


Irena Lasiecka is a Professor of Universityof Memphis, USA. She got the PhD in mathematics in University of Warsaw. His research field is control theory ofpartial differential equations.


An appearance of a flutter in oscillating structures is an endemicphenomenon. Most common causes are vibrations induced by the moving flow of agas (air, liquid) which is interacting with the structure. Typical examplesinclude: turbulent jets, vibrating bridges [Tacoma bridge], oscillating facialpalate at the onset of apnea. In the case of an aircraft it may compromise itssafety. The intensity of the flutter depends heavily on the speed of the flow(subsonic, transonic or supersonic regimes). Thus, reduction or attenuation offlutter is one of the key problems in aeroelasticity with applications to avariety of fields including aerospace engineering, structural engineering,medicine and life sciences.

报告主持:秦玉明  教授



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